A Family Home of Dreams

Modern Features and Elegant Details of a Family House

We present to you another home delight – a project for a family house where contemporary features blend directly with the warmth and timelessness of modern living. Our design includes a lot of modern features to suit the needs of our client while creating both functionality and style. From the initial sketches to the final touches, every aspect of our project has been created and designed with a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for stylish composition. The modern character of the house is accentuated with extensive glazing and a finish that aligns with current trends. The wooden pergola and facade details resembling wood beautifully harmonize with the light facade and graphite carpentry, as well as the roofing ceramic tiles. Since we were trying to convey a contemporary design with awe-inspiring elements we opted for glorious blends of materials to achieve the wow effect every house needs.
Drachevo, Skopje
Family House

Contemporary Elements for a Cozy Ambiance

The design of the house includes an atmospheric terrace, partially nestled in the arcade, serving as the perfect spot for summer dining. The expansive, sliding glass seamlessly connects the terrace to the spacious living room, where the entire family can unwind on a beautiful corner sofa, in front of a home cinema, and beside a fireplace. The idea was an optimal use of the space to obtain perfect coziness and comfort for both summer and winter.

However, besides creating comfy spaces in the outdoor areas of the house, we also came up with a solution for the backyard as well. We used the expansive space of the backyard to design an idyllic retreat for the enchanting summer months. Namely, we left out enough room for the creation of a yard suitable for a symphony of lush greenery and meticulously manicured lawns. When we worked on the design, we envisioned an ambiance characterized by tranquility and harmony because that is how you obtain the perfect retreat for the whole year.

The space of the whole house requires a backyard heaven, so we envisioned a pool for additional relaxation and comfort during the warm days. Moreover, we also anticipated a parking space for two vehicles, so convenience would not be an issue at any point within the property. Our idea was based on the concept of creating a place where the essence of summer is not just a season but a lifestyle, an invitation to savor the art of outdoor living in sheer elegance and comfort.

Classy and Refined Marvels of Interior Architectural Design

In the central part of the living space, there is a dining area with a sizable table, from which the expansive view of the garden enhances the appeal of shared meals. The kitchen, adorned with natural light, serves as a comfortable space for meal preparation. It features tall elements, spacious countertops, and a breakfast bar. We thought about every single detail to enhance the style of the home but also not to neglect its functionality. So, the modern features blended in perfectly and created the ideal ambiance for comfort and convenience as well.

When it comes to the rooms, we were careful in creating a perfect flow without obstructing privacy for the whole household. There are three meticulously-designed rooms within a clearly defined night zone. The master bedroom is separated from the other rooms to achieve a delightful space where tranquility will not be disrupted.

Moreover, there is a convenient bathroom nestled between the children’s rooms to achieve functionality and convenience for all the members of the family. It is worth noting the optimal utilization of the corridor area with enough space for ample wardrobes for comfortable storage of clothing. Additionally, there is a toilet that houses the laundry area, so the operation of all household chores is not disrupted at any point.

This family home in Drachevo is the perfect portrayal of a residence where its members can share the joy and harmony of contemporary living with timeless elements and elegant details. We succeeded in creating a house that includes all the stylish features without compromising functionality. In other words, we designed a space with an accent on tranquility with ultimate style in mind!

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