Contemporary Apartment

Navigating The Challenges of Interior Design in an Old Setting

Welcome to our world of contemporary design where modern innovation complements the charm of old-building circumstances. Our project is a testament to the power architecture and design have when it comes to surpassing obstacles imposed by past decades.

Before we dive deep into this project, we should portray the challenges that the setting presented from the very beginning. The apartment is located in an old building, built even before the great earthquake that Skopje suffered in 1963. Considering the building regulations of that time, we are talking about a building of a massive system with multiple load-bearing walls, where the chances of eliminating them are slim to none.

Nonetheless, these conditions created a challenge we, as architectural designers, were compelled to take. It was our chance to bring functionality and aesthetics to life in a setting with already-established installations and create the living circumstances our client desired. We considered the place a blank canvas where our expertise could come to light!

Interior Design for an Apartment



Embracing The Challenges of Past Time

The location of the building imposed the first obstacle for our project. Since it is located in a central area of the city, it was challenging to establish convenient conditions for work. We did not have good access to the entrance of the building, which made the whole project more intricate. We managed to find a solution although at the cost of prolonging the completion of the project.

The second obstacle that we found extremely interesting was that the apartment was planned and designed for office spaces. What we saw at the time was two apartments blended into one, and our goal was to transform it into a functional and cozy living space. Therefore, before even starting to design the rooms, our task was to create good conditions for renovation. That meant incorporating the appropriate changes and adjustments to an old place that was not even planned for living in the first place.

To create a space where functionality and aesthetics can take place, we took several steps to make that happen:

– Full replacement of floors
– Full replacement of the wall colors
– Adjustment to old electrical installations with new ones
– Adjusting the plumbing systems along the whole apartment

These were major factors that played an essential role in bringing functionality to the whole space. Without these significant changes, replacements, and repairs, we could not begin the process of designing and transforming the whole space into functional rooms. Although time-consuming, these steps were crucial in establishing a living environment and created the base for further renovation. Moreover, they provided the convenience and functionality that the client desired.

The Jaw-Dropping Effect of The Hall

Every home needs a wow effect, so we did not fail to give this one exactly what it needed. In the case of this apartment, we decided to add this element to the very beginning, i.e. in the hall. The warm and earth tones of the walls offer a welcoming and cozy feeling, while the wardrobe and the mirror stand as the perfect additions to this ambiance. The setting we designed was to give a sense of a homey feeling right as you cross the door but at the same time accentuate the dose of sophistication we achieved with the blend of colors and furniture.

Contemporary Marvel – A Kitchen Turned Into a Stylish Retreat

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home, so we worked tirelessly until we reached an infusion of functionality, warmth, and a touch of personal style. The kitchen space required us to manage to include all the essential appliances along with a small dining table and enough working surface. We succeeded in making all of that happen while achieving stunning design and outstanding quality. We designed a remarkable common area where the whole family can share unique memories.

Ultimate Comfort Zone – A Living Room with Enhanced Functionality

The conditions of the building added some restrictions in the creation of the living room. So, we had to be very careful not to compromise the functionality of this space. We managed to find a remarkable solution to ensure that design and convenience are in perfect sync. In order not to imperil the functionality of the heating radiator, we added removable wooden panels to hide it, but also to make it accessible when needed. We used warm tones for the furniture and the walls to establish ultimate comfort, while including the perfect lighting solution to enhance the design and elegance of the living room.

Dreamy Elegance – A Genuine Bedroom Heaven

The bedroom we created was a synonym for ultimate relaxation. We designed a place where each element complements another and achieved a perfect combination for the best effect. We made sure to keep the design and the colors of the rest of the rooms, so the bedroom makes an ideal addition to the whole apartment. We ensured to add details to enhance functionality and provide a soothing atmosphere. Our goal was to achieve a place where tranquility meets the utmost sophistication and give our client a true escape after every tiring day.

Kid’s Room – Whimsical Place for The Youngest One

Even with its limited space, we managed to create a child’s room while keeping functionality as a priority. Since we had the same issue with a heating radiator, for this room we decided to add a wooden cover to make it accessible but at the same time retain the design of the room. We managed to include enough storage and working space and ensure this place offers the warmth and privacy that every child needs.

Ultimate Efficiency – Transforming a Small Space into a Convenient Utility Room

We planned to use every single part of the apartment, so we used a small space to create the perfect utility room. Every home needs a separate place for doing the laundry as well as storing all the cleaning supplies in the apartment. We enhanced the functionality of this space by adding enough storage space to make the apartment neat and organized at all times.

Elegant Simplicity – Perfect Bathroom for Daily Rituals

Even though the bathroom space did not allow a lot of experimenting, we succeeded in designing a compact place with all the essentials included. We managed to include all the bathroom elements, but also leave some room for storage, so no corner ended up wasted.

Although this contemporary apartment was challenging, we enjoyed working on it every step of the way. It was our canvas where we could bring our magic of design. With many adjustments, sleek creations, and an astonishing blend of colors and tones, we managed to transform this place into a functional and stunning haven of relaxation.

If you are ready to create your own retreat of comfort, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to turn your dreams into reality!

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