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Essence of Elegance – Creation of Minimalistic Space with Wooden Flourishes

This two-room apartment is located in Skopje, more specifically in the City Wall block. What the client desired was a design that would bring about spaciousness and functionality, so our goal was to use everything the space offered. Namely, we were asked to transform the two-room apartment and create more space. Therefore, we worked with everything we had at our disposal to create a three-bedroom home, with a bedroom, an expanded and combined living-dining area, a kitchen, and a teenage room with two beds. To make this happen, we were required to completely change the layout of the apartment and create something new and authentic.

The starting point for the interior is minimalism with its clean lines, structural solutions, and a palette of neutral tones in interior design. So, we aimed to create a functional and uncluttered space, where each element complements another and there are no unnecessary embellishments.

Clean lines were in the spotlight because they play a crucial role in achieving a sleek appeal and unique aesthetics. The concept of simplicity is enhanced by the choice of furniture and decor while favoring designs and shapes of straightforward nature. We used this kind of approach because it not only gives an exquisite appeal but also excellent functionality.

The color palette used in the interior design revolves around neutral tones. Neutral colors, such as whites, grays, and natural earth tones, are chosen for their timeless and versatile qualities. These hues create a calming and balanced atmosphere, allowing other design elements to stand out and make a statement. This blend of colors and lines was perfect for creating a warm ambiance in a living space.

The reason why we opted for minimalism and the particular concept of neutral colors was to obtain a sense of warmth and tranquility. In addition, this approach allowed us to convey the functionality the client desired. We developed several bespoke solutions – custom-made built-in wardrobes, dressers, the kitchen, elements in the dining area, the children’s room, and the bedroom. The outcome is a harmonious living space with calm and balanced features.

Interior Design for an Apartment



Living Room – A Minimalistic Heaven for Ultimate Comfort

When designing the living room we focused on clean lines along with shades of white and grey. To achieve functionality we positioned the furniture in such a way as to create enough space to move and make the room cozy and comfortable. We opted for grey tones for the sofa and armchairs and combined them with wooden elements. A wood coffee table along with wooden wall panels created a perfect blend of features. For an attractive aesthetic appeal, we opted for a grey design of the wall where the TV is placed. Since this is the focal area of the room, we intended to make it as appealing as possible.

Dining Room – Compact Place for Enjoyable Family Gatherings

Since we needed to create a functional place, we seamlessly united the dining and the living room. Due to this combination of two rooms into one, we did not have a lot of space, so we opted for a cozy and compact dining room. We positioned it between the living room and the kitchen to create harmony and enable seamless movement through each room. To retain the same design of the living room, we chose a wooden dining table with grey chairs and achieved a perfect match in design. Moreover, we added minimalistic chandeliers to achieve perfect lighting conditions for the room.

Kitchen – Fusion of Minimalism and Wood Accents

Due to the limitations of space in the kitchen, we opted for wooden countertops and blue cabinets to create an alluring and contrasting design. The black backdrop is an additional element to obtaining a contemporary and warm feeling. The wooden counters offer a natural elegance and a comforting and earthy ambiance, while the vibrant blue cabinets add a pop of color, creating a dynamic visual appeal. We did not forget the play of light as a key feature in this culinary space. We chose ceiling lighting fixtures, strategically placed, to offer a warm and inviting glow, illuminating the countertops and enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Bedroom – A Blend of Contemporary and Minimalistic for Serene Tranquility

Since a bedroom is a place that requires comfort and tranquility, we incorporated elements to depict exactly that. We used a sophisticated palette of grey and brow colors to set the tone for modern serenity. The seamless fusion of these hues creates a calming atmosphere and at the same time, an elegant setting. Over each nightstand, we placed lighting fixtures for a soft and warm glow to achieve an intimate ambiance. The gentle illumination enhances the room’s calm and inviting atmosphere, making it a perfect retreat after a long day. In the bedroom, we included a custom-made wardrobe to improve functionality and add enough storage space. We finalized the look of the room with a grey and wood vanity that adds a touch of natural warmth to the bedroom. We used wood highlights in the bedroom as well to retain the same design in the whole apartment.

Teenage Room – Vibrant Modernity

For the teenage room, we decided to go with more vibrant colors to achieve a youthful and modern effect. Dominated by a palette of sunny yellow cabinets, this space depicts vibrancy and positivity, instantly lifting the spirits of the people who use it. Since we wanted to make the room contemporary, we opted for two sleek beds positioned on two opposite walls. We enhanced functionality by adding two wood desks offering dedicated workspaces for productivity and creativity. These modern workstations were designed for both efficiency and style, creating an environment ideal for focus and innovation. The wood elements were a perfect addition to create natural warmth to the overall aesthetic.

The work on this apartment required a lot of thoughtful inventions to obtain the desired aesthetic and functionality. It presented some challenges, but we enjoyed coming up with excellent solutions for creating comfortable and cozy living conditions. Through numerous refinements, elegant innovations, and a remarkable fusion of colors and tones, we successfully converted this space into an apartment that our client desired.

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