Harmony in Home

Combination of Aesthetics and Functionality for Creating a Spacious Home

This apartment is located within the towers of City Wall. Considering we are talking about an old building, we should point out that we needed to work with existing arrangements and installations. However, we managed to design an apartment characterized by spaciousness and functionality, just like the client desired.

As a design challenge, our main goal was to maximize the openness of the apartment, creating a seamless integration of the living room, kitchen, and dining area as one cohesive unit. The same principle was applied to the bathrooms, aiming to achieve a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The objective was to craft a comfortable bathroom that accommodates both the drying and washing machines without compromising on comfort.

This was the only requirement posed by the client, while the choice of colors and tones as well as the furniture and materials were left to our creative team to decide.

Interior Design for an Apartment



Open Common Area – A Harmonious Fusion of a Kitchen, Dining, and Living Room

In crafting the interior of the living room, we seamlessly blended wood with stone, specifically combining oak wood with natural concrete. We positioned the TV in the center of the living room and included wood decorative panels behind it. This setting complemented the white furniture and the stone coffee table ideally. The harmonious combination added coziness and comfort to the whole area.

As for the kitchen, we opted for a white combination, imparting a calming tone to the space and providing the necessary balance to the overall ambiance. We used white hues for the hanging cabinets and natural wood tones for the work surface. We decided to go with black base cabinets to create the perfect fusion of colors and contribute to the calming setting of the entire kitchen. We also added a bar with stools to enhance the functionality and add an extra area for gatherings of family members.

Right by the side of the kitchen we placed the dining room. Since we did not have a lot of space to work with, we opted for a long wooden dining table and white chairs. Namely, we used the same combination of colors to match the hues of the kitchen and achieve an amazing composition of all the corners of the open common living area. We also included a gray wall in the center of the dining room to give this part of the room an appealing and alluring feature.

Particular attention was devoted to the lighting starting with abundant natural light streaming through the large windows. We positioned lamps strategically throughout various zones at different height levels, ensuring that every surface within the space is bathed in a gentle and immersive illumination.

Since we opted for furniture that retains its streamlined form and functionality we created space where there is no room for pretentiousness or falsehood. Everything is grounded in natural proportions and structures. That is how we designed an area with an idyllic setting and a cozy ambiance.

Cozy and Relaxing Retreat – Master Bedroom with Creamy Tones

For the bedroom, we had an idea to design a tranquil ambiance using neutral and creamy tones. At the heart of the room, we placed a big bed that enhances the serene setting of the room. Moreover, we opted for a spacious wardrobe, offering ample storage in a seamless design without compromising functionality and style. At the side of the bed, we opted for a discreet TV to add a touch of modernity but also include a form of entertainment, which always comes in handy after long busy days.

A big role in the coziness of the bedroom played the big windows which gave the room a significant amount of natural lighting. We also opted for hanging lights from one side of the bed and ceiling lights in front of the wardrobe. The idea was discrete lighting that enhances the comfort of the room and goes perfectly with the creamy hues.

All of these elements blended in harmony and resulted in a comfortable retreat with a dose of elegance and sophistication. In other words, we managed to create a haven dominated by comfort.

A Masterpiece of Architectural Design – A Bathroom with Luxurious Features

The bathroom is a genuine gem of the entire apartment. We decided to divide it into two separate areas to ensure privacy and enhance practicality. In one, we included a toilet with a sink and mirror, and in the other, a shower space.
To emphasize the sophistication of the design, we made a combination of black floor tiles with creamy ones on the wall. This marvelous contrast resulted in a perfect serenity. We opted for wooden cabinets to stand as elegant details, providing a warm and natural touch to the monochrome elegance.

In this sanctuary of cleanliness and tranquility, every detail has been curated to evoke a sense of timeless luxury. Plus, we ensured that the design complements the style of the whole apartment to ensure a completely harmonious atmosphere. In other words, we managed to build an environment that elevates the daily ritual of self-care to a refined experience.

This apartment in Skopje is more than just a living space – it is a carefully crafted symphony where aesthetics meet functionality. Each room, from the open common area to the master bedroom and the luxurious bathroom, contributes to a refined living experience. It is proof of the power of thoughtful design in transforming spaces into realms of comfort, sophistication, and enduring beauty.

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