Tranquil Tones

The Beauty of Soft Minimalist Interiors

This spacious and bright apartment is located in Crniche, Skopje. It was a project that allowed us to express our creativity uniquely and use our design skills to create something authentic and marvelous. In fact, it was a design that required both creativity and innovation, so even though it was challenging, it gave us real inspiration to create something that would stand out.

The main requirements from the client included the creation of an easy and functional space in pastel hues with the exclusion of one of the child rooms. This room was excluded from the main minimalist style because it was pointed out that this space should incorporate the style of LEGO blocks. However, we managed to include everything as desired by the client and made everything fit perfectly. With a careful plan and a meticulous design, we succeeded in creating an apartment that incorporates both style and functionality and most importantly a minimalist design that was present in the whole apartment.

When we planned the concept of the apartment, we decided to go with an open space for the common living area, while the private space was divided into three bedrooms for children along with a separate bathroom and a master bedroom with its own bathroom.

The design of the whole apartment required many unique and customized solutions for the interior spaces. Since authenticity and functionality were the main goals of the project we were required to come up with special designs for each room including furniture and other fixtures. Namely, all the decorative panels on the walls in the living room, hall, and bedroom as well as the wooden furniture were custom-made following our designs and sketches.

Interior Design for an Apartment

Open Common Living Area – The Heart of The Minimalist Home

We designed the common area into an open space to provide functionality and maintain the style of the whole apartment. The living room, kitchen, and dining room were organized and planned into one big space to create a comfortable ambiance for the whole family. We kept the entire design simple because minimalism was the main goal of the space. Also, we used cream tones for the whole room so the colors suit the hues of the other rooms.

The kitchen is located in one corner of the room with an island in the center to provide enough work surface as well as space for family gatherings. It is compact so it does not compromise the functionality of the space. However, we managed to include enough cabinets and appliances to keep the style contemporary and the entire kitchen practical.

Right beside the kitchen, we positioned the dining table. We planned this space for a dining room because it is right in front of a big set of windows. The windows provide spectacular natural lighting, which is exactly what such a room needs for cozy and comfortable family meals and gatherings.

The rest of the room was designed to fit the elements of the living room. We included a set of cream plush sofas to fit the minimalist design and the rest of the furniture in the common area. We matched it with an elegant coffee table to enhance the simplicity of the whole design. This combination provided a perfect blend of functionality and artful display. In the center of it, we placed a big TV that can be watched from all parts of the room. The living room is generally the place in a home that is used the most, so we had to come up with the ideal arrangement without disrupting the natural flow that the entire space has.

Master Bedroom – The Realm of Comfort

For the master bedroom, our goal was to create the perfect retreat of tranquility. We managed to design a comforting allure of cream tones with minimalist features that create an ideal blend of elegance and simplicity. We aimed to achieve an oasis of calm by using simple elements and pastel-creamy hues.

We positioned the bed in the center of the room. With its soft neutral colors, it became a great focal point of this realm of comfort and relaxation. The off-white walls complement the creamy floor perfectly while the natural lighting from the large windows contributes to the coziness of the bedroom. We also included a TV and a vanity, so the room has all the practical elements to provide convenience. As for storage, we used a separate space in the room in order not to compromise the flow of the sleeping area. We placed a set of wardrobes behind a wall in the bedroom with functionality in mind. It was a way to subtly include a lot of space for storage without ruining the minimalist appeal of the room.

Right next to the master bedroom, we included a bathroom so it provides convenience and practicality for the whole day. This area is separated from the children’s rooms, so it provides ultimate privacy for every member of the house.

Children Zone – Creativity Without Limits

Since the apartment is quite big, it allowed us to design enough space for three children’s rooms – each unique in its own way. We maintained the minimalist style in all of them with several adjustments to meet the client’s requirements.

One of the rooms is designed for a single person with all the necessary elements for seamless functionality. On one side of the bedroom, we placed a bed along with a set of cupboards and wardrobes to provide enough storage for clothes. On the other side, we placed a desk along with a large bookshelf to ensure space suitable for toys and books. For this room, we included creamy tones similar to those of the common area.

The second room is envisioned for two children with two bunk beds. However, we did not opt for regular bunk beds but a creative innovation to give the room a stylish appeal. Besides style, we wanted to achieve a great space that will serve as a play area. We used the other side of the room for a set of wardrobes and a desk. Although this room has a unique design, we managed to maintain the same design lines for all the rooms so the whole apartment keeps one authentic style.

The third child’s room is a little bit different from other rooms in the private area. For this one, we included a design with LEGO block features. All the furniture inside resembles LEGO blocks in different colors. We used bright colors for this part of the apartment since these were the client’s requirements. We ended up with a colorful combination and a playful composition perfect for children. In other words, we succeeded in creating the environment every kid dreams of!

Our soft minimalist-style apartment is a testament to the art of living with intention and tranquility. With a harmonious blend of gentle tones, unobtrusive design elements, and purposeful simplicity, each space within this home is a canvas for mindful living. From the open common living area, where a creamy palette and carefully chosen furnishings create an inviting haven for quality time together, to the private retreats of the master bedroom and children’s rooms, where cream tones and innovation evoke both serenity and warmth, this apartment embodies timeless elegance and uninterrupted functionality.

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